I was sworn into the New York
City Police Department July 15,
1986 and retired October 14,
2004. I worked the majority of
my career within the 46 Precinct,
Bronx County. The Precinct
covered an area that is just a bit
larger than one and a quarter
square mile.  At one time it was
deemed the busiest square mile
on the face of the earth for its
high crime rate.

Of the 20+ years that I worked
law enforcement for the City of
New York 11 of those years I
was actively  assigned to the
"street". The rest of my working
years were prior non active law
enforcement, physical injuries,  
personal commitments/
hardships, etc. During the 11
years I personally made in
excess of 1,200 arrests and
assisted on an additional 3,000+
arrests. These arrests resulted
in the seizure of over 130 loaded
firearms, $200,000+ in United
States Currency,  hundreds of
pounds of marijuana, crack,
cocaine and heroin.
Bio of Retired New York City Police Officer Walter Wasilewski
Beyond the Line of Duty
Graduation Day at Madison Square Garden,
December 1986
Police Officer Walter Wasilewski & Lieutenant  
Paul McMahon with a large firearms & narcotics
arrest & seizure, Summer of 2004.