Beyond the Line of Duty Dedication Page
Beyond the Line of Duty
I dedicate this site to my father a true Hero
who went Beyond the Line of Duty through
out his entire life.  Struggling through the
dark days of this country's depression to
serving proudly in the Asiatic Pacific
Campaigns, (China, Burma and India)
during World War II at the rank of Sergeant .
Then caring for his disabled wife for over
30+ years and up until a few days before he
passed away. Pop although you are not
here in body I know you watch over me in
spirit and soul.  If it was not for the
discipline you instilled in me and the
courage you always showed none of this
would of ever been possible.

Alexander "Doc" Abbay & Walter
Wasilewski PBA "Cop of the Month" award.
My best friend and big brother who's true
friendship guided me through my career in
so many ways. He was there for me on day
one (Graduation day) and through my
triumphs and tribulations up until my
September 11th, 2001 "Another day that will live in
infamy" Dedicated to the twenty-three Police officers,
twenty-three heroes, who answered the call, shouldered
the load, who showed the world why the New York City
Police Department is the greatest police department in
the world and who went "Beyond the Line of Duty"
Sergeant John G. Coughlin ESU Squad 4

Sergeant Michael S. Curtin ESU Squad 2

Sergeant Rodney C. Gillis ESU Squad 8

Sergeant Timothy A. Roy Traffic Division

Detective Claude D. Richards Bomb Squad

Detective Joseph V. Vigiano ESU Squad 2

Police Officer John D'Allara ESU Squad 2

Police Officer Vincent G. Danz ESU Squad 3

Police Officer Jerome M. Dominguez ESU Squad 3

Police Officer Stephen P. Driscoll ESU Squad 4

Police Officer Mark J. Ellis Transit Bureau District 4

Police Officer Robert Fazio 13th Precinct

Police Officer Ronald P. Kloepfer ESU Squad 7

Police Officer Thomas M. Langone ESU Squad 10

Police Officer James P. Leahy 6th Precinct

Police Officer Brian G. McDonnell ESU Squad 1

Police Officer John W. Perry 40th Precinct

Police Officer Glenn K. Pettit Police Academy

Police Officer Moira A. Smith 13th Precinct

Police Officer Ramon Suarez Transit Bureau District 4

Police Officer Paul Talty ESU Squad 7

Police Officer Santos Valentin Jr. ESU Squad 7

Police Officer Walter E. Weaver ESU Squad 3
Dedicated to all the brave Police Officers who
made the ultimate sacrifice and went "Beyond
the Line of Duty."

"No greater love has no one than this, that one
lay down his life for his friends."
      John 15:13