Lieutenant Richard Bergin
Medal Day 1993
Dr. Ernest Fahnestock
Medal for Valor
Honor Legion medal
Beyond the Line of Duty
Medal Day 1994
Steuben Association
Medal for Valor
Medal Day 1996
Emerald Society
Medal for Valor
Lieutenant Richard Bergin was sworn in as a New
York City Police Officer on July 15, 1986. Through out
his career he has been involved in literally
THOUSANDS of arrests, (personally, assisting and
supervising). These arrests resulting in the recovery
of over THREE HUNDRED illegal firearms.
Lieutenant Bergin is one of ONLY five officers in the
history of the New York City Police Department who
have been awarded three Medals for Valor. In
addition he has also been awarded over one hundred
and thirty awards.  In 2007 was promoted to the rank
of "Lieutenant Commander of Detectives" which was
based on his valorous and active career. This rank is
one of if not
the most prestigious rank within the New
York City Police Department.
Patrolmans Benevolent Association Cop of the Month
Lieutenant Commander of Detectives (meritoriously)
Steuben Association Police Achievment award
Honor Legion Cop of the Month award
American Legion Hall award
Congressional Recognition award
New York State Senator award
Precinct Cop of the Month award (five times)
City Council award
Then Police Officer Richard Bergin working the
"infamous" West Indian Day parade, 1990. The parade is
one of the "busiest" tours an officer can work.