Harry C. Bilms
Beyond the Line of Duty
Harry C. Bilms led a rather broad & historic career rising through the ranks
to Lieutenant. On September 26, 1927 while on patrol effected the arrest of
the infamous "black & white" robbery team, (the team was wanted in
connection with over ONE HUNDRED armed robberies). While attempting
to effect the arrest one of the perpetrators pulled a loaded revolver, (with
the hammer in "cocked" position) after a violent struggle he was
disarmed. The second perpetrator was also found to be armed with a
loaded .45 cal automatic. The arrest earned him the promotion to the
prestigious rank of Detective 1st Grade. Once again he distinguished
himself on April 23, 1933, while off duty then Sergeant Bilms observed two
armed suspects in the process of robbing forty patrons inside of a
restaurant.  Without hesitation he entered the premise and in a hail of
gunfire he felled both perpetrators foiling the robbery.  This act of valor
earned him the departments newest medal the Combat Cross, (making
him the very 1st recipient).