John J. Delaney
Beyond the Line of Duty
John J. Delaney
Patrolman      November 15, 1871
Roundsman  1877
Sergeant         February 8, 1874
Captain           May 6, 1892
John J. Delaney was appointed a Patrolman November 5, 1871. The first award
of Honorable Mention was in 1876 while assigned to the West 30th Street
Precinct for arresting an escaped convict. A second Honorable Mention award
was earned in 1879, while assigned to the East 35th Street Precinct, for
stopping a run away team of horses, thereby saving lives. A third Honorable
Mention was awarded December 4, 1879 for saving a 7 year old boy from
drowning in the East River, (for this act of heroism he was also awarded the
United States Treasury Silver Life Saving medal). On January 2, 1883 while
attempting to execute an arrest warrant was engaged in a violent struggle
with the subject, (was pistol whipped about the head causing several severe
gashes). The perpetrator then attempted to flee via a horse driven stage
coach, but Delaney quickly grabbed onto the horses in attempt to foil the
escape. At this time a pistol was pointed at Delaney from within the coach
forcing him to take aim and firing two shots terminating the threat,
(unfortunately the fleeing felon fired his weapon simultaneously passing
through Delaney's upper right eyelid and plowed into the eyeball lodging into
his cheek). Once again a forth Honorable Mention was awarded for this act of
gallantry. On February 22, 1902 while assigned as Captain of the East 35th
Street Station House responded to a hotel fire. While under his command
police rescued numerous guests saving many lives. Captain Delaney and
eleven Officers were awarded the Honorable Mention, (5th award) and the
Department Medal of Honor for their efforts in saving lives at the Park Avenue
hotel disaster.
A special thanks for the above photos which was contributed by Ed Sere,
(retired New York City Fire Fighter, United States Marine and Valor