Robert DiMartini
Beyond the Line of Duty
Robert DiMartini was sworn in as a New York City Police
Officer on March 14, 1969. Throughout his career he was
assigned to the 41st Precinct, the original Bronx Task
Force, Street Crime Unit and the 43rd Precinct rising to
the rank of Lieutenant. During the course of his career he
was involved in making over several thousand arrests,
(both personally and with his teams he supervised)
which led to the recover of over a thousand illegal
firearms. After a VERY active career he retired with 476
department recognition medals, (making him
"the most
decorated officer"
EVER in the history of the New York
City Police Department.
Then Sergeant Robert DiMartini, (standing 2nd from right)
posing with some of the many illegal guns confiscated
from arrests.