Detective Robert Gallagher
Beyond the Line of Duty
Detective Robert Gallagher aka "Bobby
Guns" is a legend among legends.
Assignments in his career included the
Tactical Patrol Force, "TPF", Street Crime
Unit and the Robbery/Gun Task Force.
During the course of his career he is credited
with making over 1,500 arrests and assisting
on an additional 2,000. Most of the arrests
were for illegal firearms, recovering over 800
and an additional 1,500 with fellow team
members. Detective Gallagher was often
called a "gun magnet" and was known for
his keen street smarts and tactics. In
addition, Detective Gallagher was fired upon
seven in  separate times, returning fire in
two of the incidents. The heroics and hard
work did not go unnoticed, having been
awarded over two hundred department
recognitions, including the NYPD's
prestigious Combat Cross at the 1979 Medal
Day. Detective Gallagher was also the first
recipient of the New York State Medal for
Valor in 1984.  Though VERY highly
decorated it should be noted that while
assigned to TPF, medals were "frowned"
upon, (having made dozens upon dozens
with no recognition). The original Street
Crime was formed for robbery arrests, (gun
arrests did not merit a medal), but after a
while 3 gun arrests netted only one award.
Heroes in the NYPD call "Bobby" their Hero.