Beyond The Line of Duty

Sergeant Anthony Lisi has been a New York City Police Officer for
twenty years, 15 years assigned to the elite Emergency Service Squad.
While assigned to ESU, Sergeant Lisi rose through the ranks, from
Police Officer, Detective and currently as a Sergeant.

During his career, Sergeant Lisi has responded to numerous "heavy
jobs" : shootings, bomb threats, accidents, emotionally disturbed
people and more.

Notable acts of valor:

In 2010 a perpetrator in confines of the 123rd Pct shot 2 people and
attempted to shoot a third. The perp then ran into a basement. Sergeant
Lisi and Det Ralph Stallone ascertained where he was hiding. Fearing he
was reloading to shoot more people, the Officers made entry into the
room confronting the gunman. The perp raised his weapon at the
Officers forcing Det Stallone to fire several rounds, terminating the
threat, ( Det Stallone was awarded Honorable Mention and Sergeant Lisi
Exceptional Merit).

In 2014 a perpetrator in the confines of the 76th Precinct shot two
workers at a steel factory and barricaded himself in an office. While in
negotiations with him, he reaches into a bag and flings a pipe bomb at
Sergeant Lisi and his team, landing literally at their feet. The bomb did
not go off, but forced the Officers to make a life threatening decision,
(retreat from the bomb, but be exposed to gun fire or attempt to
defuse/remove the bomb). Sergeant Lisi made the decision to have the
bomb removed.  Det Robert Brager moved the device carefully behind a
large machine shielding the Officers. The Bomb Squad defused the
bomb, while Lisi and his team remained in place. For their valiant
actions, Detective Brager and Detective Delre were awarded the Medal
for Valor at the 2015 Medal Day, Sergeant Lisi was awarded Honorable

In 2015 NYPD, US Marshals and Fugitive Task Force were executing a
federal probation and weapons possession warrant on a suspect with in
the confines of the 121st Precinct. When the officers entered the
suspects basement apartment, they observed smoke and quickly
notified the Fire Department. When the FDNY arrived and entered the
location the suspect fired numerous gunshots, striking an FDNY
Lieutenant. Sergeant Lisi, Detectives Richard Colangelo, Matthew
Granahan, Shawn McLaughlin, Noah Molina, Robert Reed and Robert
Schierenbeck responded and immediately secured the area,
establishing an inner and outer perimeters as more gunshots were
heard coming from inside the location. With the area surrounded,
Hostage Negotiation Team members negotiated with the suspect for SIX
HOURS. All through this time, the suspect fired multiple rounds toward
the officers, including a barrage of automatic gunfire that struck an
armored ESU vehicle numerous times. Eventually, the perp emerged
wearing a bullet-proof vest and firing a fully automatic AK-47 assault
rifle at the ESU personnel. The officers returned fire killing the gunman.
Three handguns, AK-47 rifle, more than 30 rounds of ammunition, and a
spent smoke hand grenade were recovered at the scene. Sergeant Lisi,
Detectives Richard Colangelo, Matthew Granahan, Shawn McLaughlin,
Noah Molina, Robert Reed and Robert Schierenbeck were all awarded
the Honorable Mention and at the 2016 Medal Day, Combat Crosses.