Detective Sergeant Stu Friedman
Beyond the Line of Duty
Detective Sergeant Stu Friedman, (pictured above as detective-circa 1983) is a veteran
of 3 shootings. In one of the shootings in 1981 he was shot in the chest, (where the
bullet is still currently lodged). In 1986 while off-duty and attempting to effect the arrest
of a suspect who just committed a felony assault Detective Friedman was stabbed.
Throughout his career he has worked NUMEROUS undercover capacities and has been
awarded the Combat Cross and two Transit Police Exceptional Duty awards, (the
equivalent of the NYPD Medal for Valor) making one of only a few officers in the history
of the department to have been honored THREE separate times at Medal Day. In
addition he was over 50 other Departmental, organizational and civilian awards. In 1986
he received the  "Jewish Cop of the Year" award. Throughout his career has been the
recipient of three Patrolmen's Benevolent Association "Cop of the Month" awards.  In
1979 was inducted into the State of New Jersey Honor Legion for apprehending a
suspect wanted in New Jersey for multiple homicides after a running gun battle. Other
awards include being recognized by the Military Order of the Purple Heart with their
National Law Enforcement citation, the Bronx Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to
Children, the National Law Enforcement Police Hall of Fame, and the recipient of the
annual Law Day Recognition award. In 1993 his exploits were portrayed on the CBS TV
show "Top Cops". Though out his career has effected over 600 arrests and assisted on
well over 1000 additional arrests while assigned to the Bronx Warrant Squad. Detective
Friedman retired with Twenty-three years of service as a "Detective Sergeant" assigned
to Bronx Homicide.

Do note that on April 2, 1995 the Transit Police Department merged with the New York
City Police Department making it one department. All medals awarded prior to the merge
now fall under the NYPD's medal system equivalent.