Lieutenant Davis Wahl
Beyond the Line of Duty
1952 Denis J. Mahoney
DEA Medal of Valor
1952 Guardians
Association Medal of Valor
Honor Legion Society
Awarded    1939
Rescuing a man at a fire.
Awarded    1939
Stopping a runaway horse.
Awarded    1951
Captured a woman who fatally shot her Husband.
Awarded    1952
Awarded    1952
Pursuing & arresting a man wanted in a series of
robberies. After several exchanges of gunfire,
in which the bandit was wounded he again
attempted to fire at Wahl, but was disarmed.
(subsequently was awarded the 1952 Denis J.
Mahoney DEA Medal of Valor)            
Foiled a cab robbery in which the bandit open
fire on the officers. The officers returned fire
fatally wounding the fleeing suspect.
(subsequently was awarded the 1952 Guardians
Society Medal of Valor)         
Awarded    1952
Mortally wounded a gunman who had committed a
robbery and tried to fire at Wohl when confronted.
Awarded    1952
Arrest of a man armed with a switchblade who
with an acomplice robbed a laundry mat.
Awarded    1952
Arrest of a drug addict who assaulted another
man during a robbery.
Awarded    1949
Apprehended 7 youths for shooting & stabbing
another youth to death.
Awarded    1949
Grabbing a man who murdered his wife after
an altercation.