Honorable Mention breast bar-medal is awarded for:
a) An act of extraordinary bravery intelligently performed
in the line of duty at imminent and personal danger to life.
Note: Some criteria situations that merit the awarding of the
Honorable Mention medal-breast bar, but not limited to;
1) An exchange of gunfire with an adversary.
2) A serious threat or attempt on an Officers life.
3) A rescue where the Officers life was in grave personal danger.
This breast bar is worn above the Officers shield and above the
Exceptional Merit medal-breast bar and multiple awards are
displayed as the same criteria as the Commendation award,
but with a double combination of Honorable Mention,
Exceptional Merit and Commendation the highest award (star)
is placed over the green part of the bar and the next medal (star)
is worn over the blue section of the breast bar. With any
combination of three awards the highest over the
green, the second highest over the white and the third over the
blue sections of the breast bar.
The Honor Committee will review all Honorable Mention awards
granted during the previous year and may select Officers as
recipients of the aforementioned medals:

Purple Shield
Medal of Valor
Combat Cross
Medal of Honor
Honorable Mention
Beyond the Line of Duty
Honorable Mention Medal
Honorable Mention Medal
2nd silver star denotes 2nd
award of the Honorable
Honorable Mention Medal 3rd
silver star denotes 3rd award
of the Honorable Mention