Meritorious Police Duty breast bar medal is awarded for:
a) An act of intelligent and valuable police service demonstrating special faithfulness or                  
perseverance, OR
b) Highly creditable acts of police service over a period of time.

Note: Some criteria situations that merit the awarding of the Meritorious Police
Duty                                 medal-breast bar, but not limited to;
1) An arrest of an individual armed with a loaded firearm with adverse conditions (violent
   struggle, multiple firearms, large quantity of narcotics, etc.)
2) An arrest for Bribery (an act of high integrity)

This breast bar is worn above the Officers shield above the Excellent Police Duty bar and when
multiple awards have been added it is to be displayed with a gold number placed on the white
center of the breast bar signifying the total amount awarded. When the Officer reaches his tenth
award a second breast bar may be added and then will go in increments of ten (example: If an
Officer has a total of fifteen Meritorious Police Duty Medals the Officer would wear a breast bar
with the number "10" and right below that a 2nd breast bar with the number "5".) The Meritorious
Police Duty Medal-breast bar is also known as "MPD".
Meritorious Police Duty
Beyond the Line of Duty

Meritorious Police Duty

Meritorious Police Duty
3rd award
Meritorious Police Duty
15th award
Meritorious Police Duty
32nd award