Commendation - Community Service

This award is not very common and is awarded for Community related service and is NOT
considered an award of valor.

Note: Some criteria situations that merit the awarding of the Commendation Community
Service medal-breast bar, but not limited to:
   1) An act which demonstrates devotion to a Community service.
   2) An idea implemented that improves conditions within a Community.

Additional awards are worn the same as the Commendation award. The 2nd award would
be displayed with the 2nd star on the right side, (dark blue). The 3rd award would be worn
over the center,(white). The Commendation-Community Service when worn with any other
"star" related breast bar, ( Honorable Mention, Exceptional Merit and Commendation) must
always be to the right of the proceeding higher awards.
Commendation, Community Service
Beyond the Line of Duty