Excellent Police Duty breast bar medal is awarded for:
a. An intelligent  act materially contributing to a valuable accomplishment, OR
b. Submission of a device or method adopted to increase efficiency in an administrative or
tactical procedure.

Note: Some criteria situations that merit the awarding of the Excellent Police Duty
medal-breast bar, but not limited to;
1) Awarded for 3 arrests made for grand larceny auto with in a one year period based
on              observation and personal initiative and while not assigned to a specialized
auto                         larceny unit.
2) Usually awarded for an arrest of an individual armed with a loaded firearm (with
out                  serious confrontation or adverse conditions)
 3) Awarded for a large narcotic arrest & seizures while not assigned to a
specialized                    narcotics unit.
 4) Awarded for three arrests made with in a one year period for two or more
drivers                       license suspensions. (NOTE: This criteria is HIGHLY frowned upon by
some active                    Police Officers.)

This breast bar is worn above the Officers shield and when multiple awards have been
added it is to be displayed with a gold number placed on the yellow center of the breast bar
signifying the total amount awarded. When the Officer reaches his tenth award a second
breast bar maybe added and then will go in increments of ten (example: If an Officer has a
total of fifteen  Excellent Police  Duty Medals  the Officer would wear a breast bar with the
number "10" and right below that a 2nd breast bar with the number "5". The Excellent Police
Duty Medal-breast bar is also known as "EPD".
Excellent Police Duty
Beyond the Line of Duty

Excellent Police Duty

Excellent Police Duty
10th award
Excellent Police Duty
12th award
Excellent Police Duty
150th award