Robert Bilodeau
Beyond the Line of Duty
Police Officer Robert Bilodeau  started his police career
in 1973, but was laid off during New York City's fiscal
crisis. Officer Bilodeau was rehired in 1975 and was
eventually assigned to the prestigious Street Crime Unit
where he consistently led the Unit with his high arrest
activity. In 1977 while effecting an arrest was stabbed in
the eye, but was back in action just days later. In April
1979 while working an undercover decoy operation
posing as a vagrant, Officer Bilodeau was once again
viciously attacked. During the attack his throat was
slashed, which required 63 stitches and nearly cost him
his life, but again was back to work after 3 short weeks.
On February 12, 1980 Officer Bilodeau foiled a major
narcotics transaction which resulted in a fierce gunbattle
and ultimately cost him his life.  The Bilideau family were
awarded Robert's "two" Medals of Honor at the 1981
Medal Day Ceremony. Robert Bilodeau is the only "Police
Officer" to have been awarded the Medal of Honor twice.