Brendan Glynn
Beyond the Line of Duty
Combat Cross
Medal for Valor
Honor Legion
Brendan Glynn 1992 Medal Day
Captains Endowment Association
              Medal for Valor
Brendan Glynn was sworn in as a New York City Police
Officer in January 1985 and shortly after was assigned to
the 44th Precinct, Bronx New York. Within no time he was
making dozens of quality arrests, (illegal firearms &
narcotics). In November 1986 while off-duty Officer Glynn
attempted to disarm a perpetrator armed with a large
hunting knife. A violent struggle ensued resulting in PO
Glynn being stabbed, slashed and seriously injured before
the perp was restrained, (sadly enough no Department
recognition/medal was ever submitted upon his behalf for
his valiant actions taken ). In 1991 Police Officer Glynn
received a meritorious field promotion to Detective
Specialist, (with ONLY a little over 4 years assigned to the
street). Over the course of his career was involved in four
shootings, (resulting in 3 perpetrators being shot). In one of
the incidents Officer Glynn shot and killed a perp who shot
and critically wounded another Police Officer. Officer Gylnn
was credited with saving the officers life.