Kerry Schacht
Beyond the Line of Duty
Medal of Honor
1973 Medal Day
Medal of Valor
1981 Medal Day
Detective Kerry Schacht, sworn in 1969 and entered the
academy Jan. 1973. While still assigned to the academy Officer
Schacht folied an armed robbery of a bank. Engaging in a gun
battle that resulted in the arrest of three perpetrators, two guns
and five sticks of dynamite recovered. Officer Schacht was
awarded the Medal of Honor at the 1973 Medal Day.

In 1979 Officer Schacht rushed into a burning building rescuing a
grandmother and her granddaughter. During the rescue Officer
Schacht sustained serious smoke inhalation and required
hospitalization. Officer Schacht was awarded the Medal for Valor
at the 1981 Medal Day.

In 1983 Officer Schacht was promoted to Detective and worked
in Manhattan. During his career he worked numerous high profile
cases, holding the distinction of solving a homicide in all five
boroughs.  Detective Schacht made numerous arrests, including
the pick up arrest of an a shooting/homicide.